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Now 129 exhibitions are opening - 2132 works.

Painting: now 88 exhibitions are opening - 1509 works.

Graphics: now 15 exhibitions are opening - 239works.

Ceramics: now 17 exhibitions are opening - 178 works.

Monotype: now 2 exhibitions are opening - 99 works.

Another techniques: now 7 exhibitions are opening - 95 works.

We present the best work of all our pupil on all subjects and sections reflecting visible way of the development children for the whole cycle of occupation in ecological - artistic education.. From the first to the late works, from obligatory tasks on free subject, from sketches to the programmatic complex composition of nature.

We try with time, as much as possible to reflect the creative activity of our young artists.

Pleas, give your opinion and impressions on our work. It is very important and dear to all of us. YOU ARE WELCOME!

Sorry! Non - opening themes are in development!

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