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12 2006

12th of February BIRTHDAY of


The ROERICH family

(from the photo-account of the trip to India)

"I saw the tree by the Roerich's house - wonderful tree, bathed in shining light, full of living energy. Powerful, high trunk going upwards into branches and having achieved the top swooping down into numerous branches-roots, twisting in spirals, intertwining and diverging and descending into the earth. And this tree near the house suddenly became the symbol of life and creative activity of Roerichs' family for me. There occured the same aspiration for the heights and light of knowledge and again - coming back with gifts containing the roots of being, to the fuss of this world and serving it. Here the Russian family lived, here their dreams became realized in an every-day toil, this was the place where the great Russian artist Nikolai Konstantinovich Roerich and his son Svyatoslav were creating their paintings.This was the place of great experience of the spiritual cosmonaut Elena Ivanovna Roerich named mother of Agni Yoga and Urusvati, who brought the Living Ethics to this !
world - the doctrine for all the times maintaining the holy antiquity as well as discovering the grandiose way for the mankind towards great cosmic universal UNITY. Here their remarkable eldest son Yuri also worked. Here they earned love and respect of the greatest people of India".

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