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31. Children are the very soul of humanity itself it is encouraging and beautiful to see them express the colors and images of their world for us all thank you. (Igeland) William Happold.

32. The students from the Vanguard school saw your work and were so impressed with your talent. Continue to paint for others to see beauty as you do. Norma Carson, Teacher the Vanguard School Paoli, PA.

33. Your work is beautiful and impressed me. G. Rob.

34. This is the most thrilling exhibit. The beautiful colors the theme of the paintings and artistic talent that brought such wonderful paintings. HSR

35. Very well done to you all for such lovely work. Pat England.

36. Thanks for sharing. Doudhydin Vollmer.

37. Impressive!

38. I was really amazed by all the beautiful work you did. I would do anything to paint like that. It looks so professional. Such detail and imagination, It must have taken a long time! Beautiful colors in beautiful paintings. It is the best! Charlotte Jones. (5-19-99).

39. Кате Лесной!
Если ты помнишь, я сидел с тобой за одной партой в З-б, 366 школы. Я был на вашей выставке в Америке, и я увидел твою картину "Моё Прошлое, Настоящее и будущее". Мне очень понравилось. Надеюсь, ты будешь продолжать своё искусство. Никита Альшаев. Филадельфия. Nikita Alshayev 442 Whittier Drive Langhorne, PA 19053 USA.

40. 5.8.99. Extraordinary beautiful work! Very very special! Mr. Tsiliakus. Congratulations to you and your students. Thank you for sharing! M.G. Kreekel. Art teacher in USA for 36yrs. (publi school).

41. 5.8.99. We certainly have enjoyed viewing your lovely paintings. The core and patience you have taken to do you paintings has certainly shoed through. Congratulations and thank you! Every one is just amazed by your beautiful work. The colors you have used show how well your teacher has taught you and how well you listened.

42. 5.8.99. Congratulations children to your artistic abilities. Enjoyed them very much, especially the religious paintings. Your colorings are magnificent Keep up the good work you are doing.

43. How wonderful it is that you have all been able to express yourselves so beautifully, for all the world to see. You surely are all very blessed. Thank you for sharing with us. Mrs. M.L. Thompson.

44. I am thrilled to know that such a talented group of youngsters is growing up in my lifetime. I only hope to see more of their contribution as adults-it helps balance the "horror children" of the society. Rosany Goldbuy.

45. I am came from Mexico and I really enjoyed the painting you made. We have very good time. All are beautiful. Maria Diego.

46. Kudos to all these very talented young people. I am pleased to have had the pleasure of seeing all these paintings! Dale Laurie H. Schwoz.

47. Your work is beautiful! The colors are so vivid and clear and there is such great detail. A lot of thought and imagine has gone into your work. Thank you for sharing your art talent with those of us loving in Pennsylvania, lan Weaver.

48. Unbelievable talent expression. You all have been truly gifted. Thank you for sharing you very self with us! Thank you!

49. lam 11 and I can't believe that's your artwork! From Linda Beyer, (Newtown Elem. School, PA).

50. I am a professional artist and I know how much time you must have put into your works of art. You have a beautiful way of expressing your ideas. You have superior talents for your age! Best of luck. Calvin Shipp, New Jersey.

51. Как чудно, что мы - "американцы" могли увидеть эту выставку. Какие вы все способные! У меня 10 внуков и мы все шлем вам сердечный привет. Благослови вас Бог! Мария de Pasquale, Merion, PA.

52. Extraordinary! Gifted children. Ginnie and Harold Mesibov.

53. Your work is truly exceptional! Some images are genuinely haunting and inspire expressions.

54. Beautiful and most inspiring work! Thank you and God bless you all!

55. Such smooth lines and rough lines. Everyone has a different point of view of them. I like them all but mostly prefer the smooth flowing ones. Mary McKenzie.

56. Stunning! Thank you. Incredibly beautiful and expressive. Such talent!

57. Хорошая экспозиция. Интересные картины. Спасибо.

58. It would be difficult to pick the best of an excellent group of paintings.

59. The paintings have such beautiful colors. Sarah.

60. These paintings show a lot of creativity and imagination. I am impressed by the talent displayed here. The colors are so bright.

61. Your work has touched us. It is breathtaking. Thank you for sharing your feelings and your talent. Thank you for the beautiful work. Maria. May 13/99.

62. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. It is beautiful. Jully. 5/15/99.

63. I liked how you all used beautiful colors. It was really neat! Anthony Michael. 8yrs old. 5/14/99.

64. Your ART is very beautiful and breathtaking. The Johnsons. 5/14/99.

65. Your art is wonderful! We think you are incredibly talented. You took our breath away. Bradt Dena. 5/15/99.

66. Thank you for sharing your beautiful talent with us. Linda Ray.

67. Beautiful colors-very well done. Rochel S. Satl.

68. Seeing your art reminds me that there are many things, which are true and real that the whole world holds in common. Susan Oke, Ottawa, Canada.

69. Children, we thank you for allowing us to view your artwork and your souls. You are beautiful, as are your paintings. J. Kelly.

70. Your artwork is very beautiful and full of color. Looking at the paintings brings me great joy and emotion. Dorothy J Dcykowsky.


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