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111. Your exhibit is "awesome" - lovely beyond words. Mary Lee McKeiney. 6/7/99.

112. I was very impressed such beautiful pictures! Please keep up the wonderful work! Karen Friez. /6/7/99.

113. ƒерзайте, перед ¬ами большой успех наши милые юные таланты. ’удожник - ёрий Ўпицер. 7.06.99.

114. All of you should be very proud of yourselves. Your work is very beautiful and breathtaking and keep up the wonderful work. Donna Akerstrom. 6/8/99.

115. I really enjoyed you pictures. Thank you for sharing them with me. They brightened my day. Emma Lee Kovachick. 6/8/99.

116. Your wonderful and colorful work found a place of much enjoyment in my heart It brought back of your dreams to me. - Thank you for the beauty and love you showed. Dottie Gohrem. 6/8/99.

117. Unbelievable feelings!

118. Paintings are wonderful - stay with it and work hard it will be rewarded. Cord and Gay Medower.

119. I love your art work. Katby Age 6.

120. Your artwork is lovely. It expresses such want and beauty. You are very talented! God bless you for sharing it with us. Gazn Fitzgerald.

121. Your artwork is amazing. Sarah Fitzgerald - Age 10.

122. 1 have never seen anything like this artwork before in my life! Amy Fitzgerald - Age 13.

123. God bless you all for sharing your talent with us. Every good wish for your future. Carol BaronowskL

124. Your drawing are extremely well done and thought out and beautiful. Betty Buder.

125. All of you are definitely talented and your work is beautiful. Good luck. L. Jenart.

126. ќчень хорошо! Bark Adams.

127. What wonderful talent AIs Ahib Ragl.

128. Always keep your wonderful talents alive. A. Clorin.

129. We are amazed and moved by the talent and hard work of these young artists. We also appreciate the talented teachers and the commitment of relatives! Marta and Maria Sapozhnikov. 06/12/99.

130. ћне очень понравилось! —пасибо болта€. Butra Japhok.

131. Very lovely work! It was a pleasure to be able to observe it! Thank you very much.

132. Magnificent work! Signed Taylor.

133. Incredibly beautiful work! Thank you for sharing with us!

134. Unbelievable!! Great, Great works ant such a young age.

135. What a special treat - thank you for sharing!

136. Thank you for bringing your beautiful hainting to us to see.

137. You have accomplished a lot all ready in your life time! Keep it up!

138. Lovely work. Keep it up! Peace!

139. God bless you!

140. Beautiful, inspirational, your work is part of the solution to unfolding the Childs - the worlds potential. You are the life of the world. Love, Bradford Alsten. San Diego, CA USA.

141. This exciting children's exhibit shows that all children in the world share something in common - ability to creative activity. Let's hope they can meet the children in USA. It share their love of the art. Bira Rabushka. Director Northern Westchester Center for the Art. N.Y.USA.

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