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Old people of the WORLD

A collection of photos taken from various free account Internet sites is presented here today. We liked those photos very much. We are happy to express our gratitude thees wonderful photo-artists that they addressed to this deep subject and we have an opportunity of seeing their works. The largest amount of the photos has been borrowed from the excellent websites: end Thank them very much!
In front of us you can see the photos of world known and absolutely unknown aged people from different countries of the world. They need help, care and protection as well as children. It means the care of all people and the care of children as well. And in fact as it is a lot of forces and love the old people spend for them grandsons!


Photo - by ken


From website                                    Photo - by gorynych


Photo - by Ksenia Vlassova                                                                  Photo - by kilogramich


Photo - by Yancho Sabev                                               Photo - by Михаил Н.


Photo - by AMER JASSIM                                                        Photo - by Lucian Spatariu


From website                                      Photo - by matsumoto


Photo - by Massimo Santoni                                                      Photo - by jose orozco


Photo - by Francisco Ribeiro do Vale                              Photo - by Hristo Dinkov


Photo - by Alan Sparks                                                                Photo - by Robert Semnic


Photo - by Trish vandenBerg                                      Photo - by IgorZ


From website                                    Photo - by апсара(Вышку Гульнара)


Photo - by to_dream                                                                  Photo - by NATUSECHKA


Photo - by emmanuel enyinwa                                                                 Photo - by epitope


Photo - by Talamus                                                          Photo - by Jef Van den Houte


Photo - by Ali Hussein                                                        Photo - by Cimmerian


Photo - by Михаил Н.                                                            Photo - by Suvorov Andrey


Photo - by Constantina C                                Photo - by yiorgos kaplanidis


Photo - by MadMax49                                                   Photo - by Северовостоков


From website                                  Photo - by manir mrittik


Photo - by В. Плотникова from website                                Photo - by jose orozco


Photo - by Joseph Claice                                                           Photo - by Rodislav Driben

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