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71. Dear kinds, I liked your gallery because of the way you painted your pictures and how you expressed your feelings in your paintings. Sincerely, Yana Toposovskaya, age 9.

72. I think you guys did a good job and I like all the colors you used because when I saw your work it wanted me to work harder on my drawing and thank you for giving me that opportunity. Kurpacia.

73. I can't tell you what great is. But I know it when I see it you great artists. Rowck.

74. You are amazingly gifted children. I was particularly touched by the work of Andrey Philantov and OIga Kislenko. Thank you for sharing it with us! E. Tantasy.

75. You guys did the very good job and I like here's everything. ShiXiang OU

76. Your art is wonderful. Some of you could be very famous some day. Good Luck Audrey Caha.

77. Дорогие дети! Мы, вот уже 10 лет жители Америки, не могли пропустить эту вашу чудную выставку. Жаль, что вы не продаете ваших картин, а то люди все бы раскупили. Мы восхищены и желаем вам всяческих успехов. Владимир, Илона, Элла.

78. I especially enjoyed painted eggs. G.M.Marshall, Colfax North Carolina.

79. Dear kinds. I really liked looking and photographing you paintings and model cars. You really did a good job. It filled the museum. Thanks a lot. Sincerely, Mikhail Shoybery. lOage.

80. Your artwork is very special. Thank you for letting us enjoy looking at it. From Debbie Hartz, (Phila PA).

81. Remarkable to see the young talent! LWrilor-Staby.

82. Nice work! Beautiful work! Karen Weaner.

83. Truly beautiful! Such detail. I enjoyed seeing all the beautiful works of art Thanks. Dabre Horwotl.

84. Thank you for sharing your beautiful expressions of art! They are extraordinary wonderful! What detail! Cindy Stewart.

85. Great works of art. Very proud of you all. Somerset, New-York.

86. Your work is truly beautiful - so full of color and "hope" I know the world seems very black at times-may your world keep shining! R.Y.

87. Your work is absolutely phenomenal. The paintings are all very inspiring. Never give up your dreams. Amy Morgan. PA USA.

88. Magnificent! We can't believe how young you all are you have created some fine works of art. Good luck in the future. The Skudlaur Family, PA, USA.

89. The paintings and other works of art are outstanding truly great beyond their years. It was a joy to see!

90. I can not believe this artwork is by children. It is phenomenal!

91. Огромное спасибо! Мне очень понравились ваши рисунки! Сэм.

92. Absolutely unbelievable. I was stunned by their beauty. You are truly have a gift from God.

93. Very professional. Would love to own a number of the different types of artwork. Keep up the good work. Sandra Nesterok-Zdanis, Abingdon, Maryland 21009.

94. Beautiful exhibition-there are very talented young artists in Russia. Keep up the good work! Madelyn Madory, Drexel Hill, PA.

95. Congratulations to all the children, I am impress for all the talent that you all have. Keep up and never give up. I hope you all make all your goals. Sincerely. Mariah Jose, Mexico.

96. Everything is very realistic. I have had dreams just like some of the paintings that you have done. Keep your good work. Sincerely, San Lopez. Good luck to all of you.

97. Thank you for sharing your talent with us, God has certainly given you great ability. Keep working on your art but also keep enjoying doing it Ruth Rizzulli. June 3,99.

98. The work is exceptional and very beautiful... Fascinating. Carol Schraeder. 6/4/99.

99. Beautiful, fanciful and creative! Good work! June Campbell.

100. Love to you from this American. I truly enjoyed the entire exhibit! The quality is great!!! Thanks. Louise Adams. 6/4/99.

101. What a beautiful display of works of such talented children in Russia. I loved to see them with great pleasure. So did my niece. Ann Bullreya.

102. Как я счастлив, что увидел искусство из России. Я здесь родился, но я считаю, что я Русский, когда слышу русскую музыку и вижу искусство. Большое спасибо за ваш труд, старайтесь, пусть Бог вас благословит. Алексей Янковой. /6/5/99.

103. Children are the keys to onr future. Thank you for the optimism. Erica F. Sibbett. 6/5/99.

104. Wonderful exhibit! The young artists of StPetersburg are to be commended. Baibork Koross. 6/5/99.

105. Thank you for your inspiration, originality and beauty. H.Spulberg. 6/6/99.

106. Beautiful. You brought tears to my heart and soul. Gane Cert. 6/6/99.

107. Thank you- what a wonderful future you have!

108. Your work is really beautiful. You put your heart and soul into it and it really shows. I was lucky enough to purchase an egg I will always cherish it. To remind me of your beautiful work. God bless you all. DPN

109. Thank you for sharing with us in America. Good gifts and inspiration too all of you. God bless you. N.L.Maher.

110. Милые юные художники и дорогой их учитель! Просто нет слов, чтобы передать благодарность за ваш дивный труд (хотя "труд"- неподходящее, как - будто, слово, но вы поймете, я знаю). Сколько таланта и души - разного таланта и такой доброй, общей души!!! Как хочется пожелать вам никогда не утрачивать и вашей веры в самое святое, (Бог есть!!!), вашей доброты, чудесного дара вашего, вдохновенья всегда и силы! Сила вам будет всегда нужна, чтобы не падать духом, смело и весело смотреть вперед и исправлять жизнь и людей вокруг вас, врачевать и помогать. Удачи и счастья вам, милые друзья! Нат. Медведева.


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